My Crypto Investments

  • One aspect of mental health is financial security, and one of the biggest things I wish I learned earlier in life was to invest. Even just investing $20 can be turned into $500 or more within 5 years. While I've gotten into both stock market and crypto, cryptocurrency has become the one I understand more and am doing better with. While I'm still in the learning process, I want to share what I'm doing so people can learn from my success and mistakes and have the opportunity to invest as well.  

Only invest what you can afford to lose - while the goal is to make money, things can suddenly happen that can cause you to lose money, there is no guarantee with investing.

Investing requires patience - people claiming overnight millionaires are usually just influencers being paid to promote coins. Sometimes coins values will be down and you just have to ride that out. Depending on what's going on with the market, this can take weeks or months.

You are responsible for your money - while I'm obviously doing my best to make money and sharing my journey to do so, things can happen. This is your money you're investing so do so responsibly and do your own research.

This is not financial advice, this is a walkthrough of what I believe works and how I do things. You are responsible for your own money. Remember the market can change at any time.

Do your own research and only invest to a level you are comfortable, if you are unsure consult a financial advisor.